Sunday, September 8, 2013

For Evelyn Waugh, redemption is found in the wasteland, not in society.

Why is that? In the novel, Brideshead Revisted (the most Catholic of novels), why is society not seen as the means of salvation except in the abstractness of society as found in the Mass?

When I look at the path of salvation of each character what stands out is that they are all by means of denial of the natural bonds of social life.

Friday, September 6, 2013

What are the Fairies?

Since the fairies are rational, it follows that they are also human because the specific difference of man as corporeal creature is rational. Or to put it simply, if it's rational, then it's likewise a man.

Perhaps the fairies only exist in our imagination as projections of various aspects of our nature. But what if they're also our cousins but without fallen nature who venture forth from Paradise? If Adam and Eve had children prior to the Fall, those children would have remained in Paradise.

Poor Pia de Solenni, at least Rapunzel knew she lived in a tower.

But why would anyone expect differently, she is after all - - - a Thomas Aquinas College graduate." So concluded my wife when I asked her to read Miss Pia's article in the National Catholic Register ‘Theology of Women in the Church’ Only Beginning to Be Revealed


But let me back up to before my wife made her comment, and begin at the beginning.

The elitist Catholics are a closed circle.

Aristotle grounded all his arguments on observation, whereas the elitist Catholics give every appearance of avoiding dirtying their hands with the empirical world about us, preferring instead their rarefied disembodied delusions.

By elitist Catholics I mean the Theocons, or as they call themselves. "Whig Catholics"

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Culturally authentic curvaceous altar-babes in bikinis

The problem with liberal Catholics is that they have no idea how to actually have fun.

And so as long as they insist on making the Mass 'relevant' by dressing down to be 'culturally authentic' so as to increase Mass attendance, why not look to the experts who know how to draw a crowd?

Hooters restaurants is the model they should follow because Hooter Girls are culturally authentic and decked out to draw a crowd, and needless to say highly entertaining.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The homosexual end game

The day is coming when it will be considered child abuse to not let your sons be molested by homosexuals. Because sexual molestation will be deemed necessary for good child development.

The end game for homosexuals is not only the right to molest children, but state power coercing parents to hand over their children to be molested.

Think I exaggerate? When it come to deviant sex the only limit is their imagination and their insatiable appetites.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

No one is in hell for committing adultery.

Because adultery requires that a person first be married.

And since virtually no one is married as proved by the fact that virtually every marriage can be annulled, it then follows that even less have committed adultery, because not everyone who is married commits adultery.

And of those virtually non existent few who have committed adultery, even less have died in that state of sin, because not all who commit adultery die in that state.

And so, because marriage is the the most rare of all the sacraments where even holy orders occurs much more frequently as proven by annulments granted to virtually all who apply.

And because the grounds applied by marriage tribunals virtually precludes adultery since adultery is grounds for annulment, i.e. unable to form a bond, it then follows that No one, or virtually no one, is in hell for committing adultery.

Now some may say I'm simply being cynical, but truth be told I'm looking at the bright side of the annulment scandal because adultery will send a man to a deeper level of hell than will fornication.

Which of the ten commandments does artificial birth control violate?

And more importantly, how in clear, understandable, convincing language does artificial birth control violate it?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My solution to the shortage of Priests, and excess of Permanent Deacons

Tell all the deacons in the diocese to show up at the cathedral, ordain them as priests and then send them off to do their duty. Those who don't like it? Too bad, that water went under the bridge when they chose to be deacons.

Toxic Blogging

subtitled: [Mark Shea and other professional Catholics, toxic bloggers without excuse.]

There have always been some rather nasty bloggers out there who have a kneejerk caustic reaction to all things traditionalist. Where if the subject is traditionalists, the portrayal will be some absurd caricature (see at bottom of this page), never found at an actual traditionalist parish Mass.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Make newlyweds prove they are married, another solution to the annulment scandal

All marriages should immediately be subjected to the annulment process before the wedding bedding to determine if there is actually a valid marriage.

To be sure it's a bit inconvenient to put off the wedding trip and so forth. But since lots of dioceses now make a year wait mandatory, just have the wedding at say 9 months and spend the next three month determining if the marriage is actually valid.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What is distributism?

is a question commonly asked.

It's also unfortunately a question that distributist are unable to answer, or at the least they're unable to answer correctly, because if they could answer the question correctly, then they would in turn not be distributists.

So let me answer the question, because it does deserve a correct answer.