Friday, April 5, 2013

The homosexual end game

The day is coming when it will be considered child abuse to not let your sons be molested by homosexuals. Because sexual molestation will be deemed necessary for good child development.

The end game for homosexuals is not only the right to molest children, but state power coercing parents to hand over their children to be molested.

Think I exaggerate? When it come to deviant sex the only limit is their imagination and their insatiable appetites.

On a related matter :

Don't expect the respectable Catholics to care about your sons, the respectable Catholics are much too busy selling out their Faith, and in turn your sons.

Mark Shea's post, A Gay Man I Consider a Saint is a progressive step forward removing the shame of having a disordered appetite.

Mark Shea said the lines proving he is orthodox while at the practical level undermining that same orthodoxy. Not that Mark Shea is alone, virtually all the popular Catholic bloggers who think they're orthodox joined with him praising him saying the lines proving their orthodoxy while likewise undermining the Faith at a practical level.

These bloggers are smooth and respectable both in the chanceries and online. They say their lines well while making sure to show their sensitive understanding.

Among the respectable Catholic popular bloggers there is a pattern where any Church teaching which is at odds with modern sensibilities is explained away in a manner most palatable to those same modern sensibilities. It's a movement that applies the letter of the law while appeasing the world's spirit.

These respectable Catholic are products of our culture, no different really than the more recognizable liberal Catholic occultist who in their turn want to drag the Church down to embrace contraception.

For the libs the final solution to any embarrassment is to explain away the Faith and fully accept whatever the current acceptable modern american social fashion happens to be.

For the respectable Catholic popular bloggers the solution to their embarrassment is to remove as much of the shame associated with the unnatural appetite as they can.

They dismiss the severity of the degradation of those who indulge in the act by associating the act with sins that are less degrading. Which is to lessen the shame of the act.

And more importantly, they dismiss the shame of the unnatural appetite.

Respectable Catholics undermine the Faith because they give the world what is asks for, not fully as the libs do, but sufficiently to where the world can take the rest without asking. So that on a practical level they say the lines of orthodoxy while at a practical level doing what the libs do.

Shame is the vanguard to a well ordered society. Not only the shame from having committed a sinful act, but shame of our disordered appetites.

Remove shame as the popular Catholic bloggers rush to do, and society descends into decadence.

To modern sensibilities shame of our fallen nature appears backward and cruel because its suffering from what we did not personally cause. To modern sensibilities the entire concept of baptism is likewise backward and cruel for the same reason because baptism witnesses that we do suffer and would suffer eternally from our fallen nature had not Christ died for us.

Part of lying to ourselves when desiring to commit a sin is removing the shame because our conscience uses shame to wrench us away from our disordered desires.

Sinful acts hide themselves from view, and as a society corrupts and various sinful acts become licit the hiding takes on the form of demanding acceptance. Those who desire sin cannot remove their fallen nature, so they instead smother their conscience. This smothering likewise includes smothering all who condemn them by their witness to the truth.

Shame is an effect of fallen nature where even a husband and wife in their licit sexual relations suffer perturbation.

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