Friday, September 6, 2013

The elitist Catholics are a closed circle.

Aristotle grounded all his arguments on observation, whereas the elitist Catholics give every appearance of avoiding dirtying their hands with the empirical world about us, preferring instead their rarefied disembodied delusions.

By elitist Catholics I mean the Theocons, or as they call themselves. "Whig Catholics"

Until a couple of days ago I didn't know who Joseph Bottum was, and now I find his selling out the Faith on homosexual marriage to be a popular subject for speculation in Catholic blogdom. Why does it matter what Joseph Bottum thinks?

Apparently he’s rather popular among the establishment and elitist Catholic types, but given that’s he’s one of the Theocons where selling out the Faith is what they do, why is his low grade apostasy a story worth covering? Especially given that homosexual marriage is eyewash for what the homosexuals are really after :

The end game for homosexuals is not only the right to molest children, but state power coercing parents to hand over their children to be molested.

The day is coming when it will be considered child abuse to not let your sons be molested by homosexuals. Because sexual molestation will be deemed necessary for good child development.

I've read that some hope that Bottom's absurd low grade apostasy will cause the followers of the theocons to rethink their allegiance, but why should it given that selling out the Faith for worldly pottage is what they do?

The last article I read by a Theocon, (until today), was Novak’s inexcusable excuse for waging a war of aggression on Iraq. If that incredible vicious mess in hindsight doesn’t convince the followers of the Theocons, whose argument were proved over and over again by their betters at to be based on lies, delusions and american yankeeism, than why should they expect Bottum’s silliness to move them?

Of course, I hope they’re right, but anyone who can buy into american exceptionalism and the rest of that nonsense are not unlike the Mormons with their mommy and daddy gods and planets, their faith is immune to common sense.

Just for the fun of it I went over to First Things to see what they have to say about the impending attack on Syria. And sure enough they’re mongering for war complaining that the proposed attack is insufficient.

Anyone with common sense can see that the entire reason for the attack was a false flag operation by the rebels, and that the US executive branch is dishonestly using it as an excuse for an attack. In other words what happened in Iraq, Serbia and elsewhere is happening again and the Theocons are at it again with more of the same.

And just for the fun of it I went over to Chronicles to see what they had to say. And sure enough common sense is used.

Which brings me back to my original question, why does it matter what J. Bottum thinks, he may be ‘brilliant’, but he, like the rest of the theocons, is a fool, which is why I would rather be ruled by the first 100 names in the Boulder Colorado telephone directory than by the staff at First Things or the other Theocon publications.

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