Friday, September 6, 2013

What are the Fairies?

Since the fairies are rational, it follows that they are also human because the specific difference of man as corporeal creature is rational. Or to put it simply, if it's rational, then it's likewise a man.

Perhaps the fairies only exist in our imagination as projections of various aspects of our nature. But what if they're also our cousins but without fallen nature who venture forth from Paradise? If Adam and Eve had children prior to the Fall, those children would have remained in Paradise.

The nymphs, syrens and similar exist in art signifying our fallen nature, but what of the fairies and similar? Are they likewise only in our imagination, or are they perhaps just a bit more? Just because they can be found in art is not proof they don't have existence also as separate rational creatures.

After all ghosts exist, and are actually rather common, but yet our knowledge of them is very limited. When I was growing up ghosts were commonly said to not exist, but yet even my own house had weird occurrences.

What were the fairie circles of the past? Were they akin to the crop circles we see today?

Some type of creature is causing all those amazing crop circles, better known in a better time as farie rings.

The angles also exist, and are likewise rather common, but yet our knowledge of them is likewise very limited except for more academic studies such as St Thomas' treaties on Separate Substances and similar. And while it is possible that the faries are angles, the actions of faries do not seem fitting to those of the heavenly host. Nor do fairies seem to be fallen angles because their actions are not evil in the manner as genies or poltergeists and similar are.

Is it possible, or likely, that space aliens, (or at least the more benign ones) are Adam's children conceived in paradise? Unlike those with fallen nature, their naming the animals, i.e. having scientific knowledge would be far advanced of our own.

Nor would they gleefully make a mess of their home as we have done. I love this video.

As always, this post is being written, read at your own risk.

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