Thursday, March 22, 2012

Well that didn't take too much to get banned from The American Catholic

One post is all it took.

The American Catholic blog is nothing more than a bunch of dumb libs. who think they're conservative and think they're defenders of the Faith.

But at least they were smart enough to know that it was at them I was directing my comment, and not at D. N..

Libs. come in different flavors, so to speak, and The American Catholic blog flavor is an all too predictable one.

The post that got be banned from the American Catholic
D. N. has the underlying kneejerk sensibilities of the typical american liberal, but that is where the similarity to him and morning minion ends.

D. N. sees the world through traditional Catholic eyes, abeit eyes clouded by his kneejerk liberalism.

For all practical purposes Santorum and morning minion are cut from the same cloth. In fact morning minion has far more in common with those who write on this blog, American Catholic, than he has with D. N..

D. N. is correct in his depiction of Santorum because he actually recognizes Santorums feet of clay for what they are, and names those errors. Where as morning minion detests Santorum because morning minion is a democratic shill.


Art Deco replied to my post, and since I've apparently been banned, or at least my posts no longer are published, let me reply here.)

My reply to Art Deco over at The American Catholic:

Dear Art Deco,

It is true that D. N. is an ass, but so what? That in itself doesn't make his understanding of Santorum wrong, or lessen his capacity to see the world through traditional Catholic eyes.

Similarly, Mark Shea is far more of an ass than the melancholic curmudgeon D. N. will ever be; and whose comments are colored by his hatred of all things traditionalist, but when that hatred is accounted for it's easy enough to read Mark Shea's posts for the very nice insights he also has.

Santorum is culturally american with a modern american understanding of the Faith. For instance, take Santorum's understanding of subsidiarity, it is virtually identical with Morning minion's and radically different from D. N.'s traditionally Catholic understanding of it.

When I read the American Catholic and their ongoing blog war with Vox Nova I'm reminded of CS Lewis's introduction to St. Athanasius's On the Incarnation:
Nothing strikes me more when I read the controversies of past ages than the fact that both sides were usually assuming without question a good deal which we should now absolutely deny. They thought that they were as completely opposed as two sides could be, but in fact they were all the time secretly united—united with each other and against earlier and later ages—by a great mass of common assumptions.

Where as D. N. is not in secret agreement because he is culturally Catholic.

And the latest : Daniel Nichols commenting on my defense of him:

Poor D. N., I come to his defense and he's not the least bit appreciative of my writing that he sees the world through traditional Catholic eyes, albeit clouded ones. Quite the opposite actually, because he considers my defense of him to be just one more insult over at American Catholic. Obviously anyone defending him at A. C. would loose all credibility, and the argument, if he didn't at least acknowledge Daniel's liberal sensibilities which are more than obvious, to anyone but Daniel.

I have no idea why he's so defensive and insulted by being said to have the sensibilities of a typical american liberal; they are after all a rather noticeable characteristic. Perhaps it was the referenced 'american'. In contrast, if someone called me what I am, i.e. a Spic or a traditionalist Catholic, I certainly wouldn't mind in the least.

And some might speculate, as D. N. does, why I wrote my comment. The answer is rather simple. For the sheer amusement of it, of course. And because for all his faults, Daniel Nichols does represent a holistic and traditional understanding of the Faith which is what needed defending. Not that Daniel doesn't deserve a damn good whacking, but he doesn't deserve it for the reason the American Catholic blog thinks he does.

Some relevant examples of typical american liberal sensibility :

A typical american liberal "is a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel." Robert Frost.

A typical american liberal is also envious of those who are better off than themselves, but hide that envy, (sometimes even from themselves), by complaining about how the money should be spent on the poor as Judas did, or on the poor workers even when those workers are paid a good living wage.

A typical american liberal is moved by the most horrid syrupy sentimentalism. You can find them writing stories and such that even Barry Manilow would be embarrassed to pen. Syrupy sentimentalism whose sole redemption is that it's so awful that there's actually a visceral pleasure in hating it. Not unlike much of the other similar american kitsch so commonly found in our society.
(This should be distinguished from the vicious brand of american liberal who hates virtue and innocence, and so thus in turn hates Barney and the Wiggles, but who instead loves Sesame Street and similar P.C. entities designed to destroy innocence and virtue.)

A typical american liberal always assumes the worst motives possible in those they disagree with.

And more to come examples of american liberal sensibilities as I muse about this.

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  1. I got banned at the American Catholic too. I They had an article about the scandal of the Martin Luther King statue not having any referances to God on the statue. I replyed that King was a con man who didn't deserve a statue in his honor. They then started attacking me as a 'racist'. But I never mentioned King's race, I criticized his lack of moral character. I defended myself and attacked the commentators, like our 'good buddy' Art Decco, who called me a racist throughout the week the fight went on. All the time, I reminded these dimwits that the issue is King's character, not race. but I couldn't confuse them with the facts, their narrow minds were made up. I was banned one week after it got started. Like yo, I came to the realization that McClarey&Co. are liberals posing as conservatives.