Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Reduce snail-mail service to once a week.

And if you want to receive the mail more often. Get a post office box.

The Post Office will no longer be delivering mail on Saturday. It's a good start, now they just need to finish it by taking off the rest of the week as well, sans one day per week.

Mailmen for the most part have become nothing more than couriers for commercial advertising or on occasion couriers for bill collectors such as the local electrical company or credit card company.

And so while I may not want to wait a week for personal letters, I am more than willing to wait a week or two for commercial advertising and solicitations from the electrical company. And so I use email or the phone or similar for all personal correspondence.

Frankly, the US mail is obsolete and should be done away with, starting with letting anyone use the mailbox to deliver any type of letter. Because seriously, why should the Federal government be in the business of acting as courier for commercial advertising, let alone having a monopoly on the delivery of that same commercial advertising?

And think of the advantage to the mailman, the same man could walk a different rout each day of the week keeping life a bit more interesting.

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