Monday, July 16, 2012

"The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops", *

and of those who serve on their marriage tribunals because they are recklessly scandalizing our children, driving a wedge between our children and the Faith.

How many children will fall away from the Faith because of the destruction of their homes caused by marriage tribunals ignoring clear Catholic teaching that marriage is indissoluble?

The marriage tribunals say they presume each marriage to be valid, but what they really think is revealed by their language:

From a marriage tribunal "preliminary questionnaire"
3) If your case is accepted and it is a formal case, your former spouse, the Respondent, has the legal right to see the testimony and evidence that has been presented as proof of nullity.

"your former spouse"?? In a preliminary questionnaire? It's a parapraxis that tells us that the tribunal's reference to it's duty to follow canon law which presumes each marriage to be valid is nothing more than disingenuous eyewash.

The New Springtime is in full bloom with one of the results being marriage tribunals ignoring their duty to follow even the new code of canon law's low threshold for validity, and instead handing down catholic divorces masquerading as annulments.

In the book The Unheavenly City - The nature and the future of our Urban Crisis by Edward C. Banfield.** The author went to Italy to find out the reason why Italy had the lowest level of juvenile delinquency. The reason, because in Italian households the father was always held with honor.

When a husband separates from his wife he himself destroys the love and respect his own children should have for him.

Or, when a wife separates from her husband she will in turn denigrate the father of her children. Women are remarkably creative, they can twist and use any event to destroy her children's love and respect of their father.

Whenever a priest recklessly gives permission to a wife or to a husband to separate, or whenever a tribunal recklessly breaks up a marriage, they are in effect severely harming the children by scandalizing them.

As a consequence, not only would it be better for those who have recklessly scandalized our children to have a millstone tied to their neck and drowned in the depths of the sea to prevent them from further scandalizing our children. It would likewise be better if they were to be sent to hell in place of the children they have scandalized who later fall into mortal sin because of their scandal.

Let those who sow the wind reap the whirlwind, for their's is a crime that cries out from the earth for vengeance.


* Saint Athanasius.

** Please note: The book is basically an apologetic for positive eugenics that advocates taking the children away from the poor to be raised by the state. It's a book that only the most sick of persons would champion. But nevertheless, even though the author's underlying apologetic is in error, much of his research is valid, and the book is mostly research and conclusions drawn from that research.

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