Saturday, December 3, 2011

Do distributists realize how absurd they sound?

The following distributist video isn't only utopian or ideological. It's also plain old fashioned lunacy:

From the youtube video Are You a Distributist :
Distributism is the economic arrangement in which the means of production or capital and land are owned by individuals in the market much like capitalism.

However, there are restrictions in the market which disallow the ownership of the means of production that another person labors at.

This results in a highly distributed economy.

Something important to note that the word 'Distributism' is not talking about an action. It refers to the state of the land and capital in the market whether it is well distributed or it is concentrated.

Get it? It's 'disallowed, ("by the market"), to hire someone as an employee.

Such as the wine grower did in the parable of the vineyard where he hired workers by the hour.

So not only would a winegrower be disallowed from hiring labor by the hour

A shop owner would be disallowed from hiring by the hour staff to run his store.

Or a builder would be disallowed from hiring a carpenter by the hour to hang doors.

Or a milliner would be disallowed from hiring a girl by the hour to make hats.

A farmer would be disallowed by the market from hiring by the hour laborers to work his fields or tend the cows.

Drovers would have to own a share of the ranch.

Busboys would have to own a share of the restaurant.

Bellhops a share of the hotel.

And so on.


And get it? Disallowing by the market is not an 'action'. How it could possibly not be an action is an inexplicable mystery because what is meant by 'disallow' is that there would be some type of coercive capacity in the market causing compliance.

The disallowing by the market would be something akin to guilds enforcing each business to be worker owned. as per Donald Goodman's audio But the enforcing by the guilds isn't considered by distributists to be an action.

So once again I'm wondering, does this distributist not have a clue of what actually happens down on the street, and or happened historically? Or Does he just produce videos that sound that way?

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