Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cheering on the Coming Cataclysm

Does it annoy anyone else the way some Catholics are rather cheerful in their predictions of a coming cataclysm?

And that those who cheer it on most fervently are invariably libs. who want to remake the world into some kind of dystopia.

And that those same libs. are also invariably corporate, or institutional, drones who couldn't actually competently, or proficiently, do anything practical with their hands. And so when some cataclysm does come they will be the first to be winnowed out.

Yes, I know their cheering doesn't effect the outcome one way, or the other, but nevertheless they are cheering for an event which would, and perhaps shall, cause severe hardship and perhaps worse to my wife and children.

Wouldn't you like to poke them with a sharp stick, just because they are so damnable annoying?

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