Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Executing Criminals

You know the story, the Church teaches capital punishment can be used, and then every ecclesiastic authority under the sun argues against its use in preference for life in prison..

But both of these given alternatives should be done away with, and instead men should be banished to some island.

The real problem with those who don't want execution is that their alternative solution, i.e., (men living out their lives in small steel & concrete boxes), is far less humane than what they object to.

What we suffer from is an aversion to treating men in a manly manner. Men should be treated according to their proper nature as men. Punish them with decent dignity by either shooting them or banishing them.

Prisons are also a form of banishment, but done in an inhumane manner. Where the punishment and accompanying suffering are drawn out endlessly.

What man, given the choice of suffering a long interminable agonizing pain, would not choose in its place a far greater and short suffering pain?

Flogging is considered cruel and inhumane, but what man would not choose it gladly over 15 years in prison? Men do not by nature choose for themselves the inhumane over the humane, and thus while this doesn’t in itself prove flogging to be humane, it does lend credence to the concept that flogging is more humane than a comparable punishment by imprisonment.

Similarly, we are told that it’s more humane to punish our children by putting in ‘time-out’. But any parent who has watched his child suffer in time-out knows that it’s far more humane to swat him on the rear end and be done with it.

And thinking about banishment. I wonder? I’ve heard the lament that children of working mothers bond with the day care workers instead of their mothers, but would we prefer the children suffer banishment from their mothers?

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